KAWS 2023


KAWS 2023 Classes

1st session - 1hr 15min - 8:30-9:45

Fun with Fringe- Liz Bonny $20 materials $5

Tired of the same old fringe? Trying to figure out how to finish your fiber pieces in a whole new way? In this class we will explore the possibilities of fun and fancy fringe. You can bring a project or the instructor will provide samples you can use in class and take home for reference. The class will discuss the fringe on woven items, but we will explore the possibilities for knitted, crocheted, and other fiber items as well. Students will leave with ideas and a list of reference materials for continued learning.

Materials to bring-(items with *need to be prepared in advance of class) Optional: *bring fiber projects that need fun and fancy fringe, ideally leaving a long fringe on the piece you want to work with, or extra yarn to add for fringe.

Number of students 3-10

Coptic Textiles Carla Tilghman $0 materials $0

Coptic textiles are a distinct moment in textile construction. The presentation includes lots of images, and three physical samples of Coptic textiles, showing the evolution of motifs and techniques from the 4th – 10th c CE. There will also be space to discuss the techniques and think about how to use them in contemporary weavings.

Note taking material and a magnifier

Number of students 1 - ….

1st + 2nd session - 3 hrs 15 min - 8:30-11:45

The Three C’s: Crepes, Cables & Coils- Meagan Condon $30 materials $15

You’ve mastered the basic two-ply yarn. Now it’s time to jazz up your weaving and knitting. In this intermediate class, we will learn to create crepe, cabled and coiled yarns and see how these techniques can be used together to bring texture into your yarn. You should know how to spin a single and ply

Bring to class a spinning wheel in good working order with at least 3 bobbins

Before class pre-spin ½ or so ounces of singles thick enough to see ply structure

Number of students 10 – 25

Getting to Know Your Wheel- Samantha Stopple $25 materials $0

Are you newer spinner or someone who has been spinning for a long time, but you don’t think you know everything you can about your wheel and how it works? Then this is the class for you. In class we get to know the parts of the wheel and how small incremental changes can make a difference in the yarn you make. Electric wheels are welcome.

Bring wheel in good working condition, 1-2 oz of fiber to spin samples, one bobbin.

Number of students 4 - 12

2nd session - 2 hrs - 10:00-12:00

Wooly Rainbow Clouds- Liz Bonny $20 materials $20

Let’s make some colorful clouds! We will prepare locally sourced and locally dyed wool for your projects. Blending boards, handcards, flickers and drum carders will be on hand for our experimentation. Your prepared wool can be used at home for spinning, weaving, felting, and more!

All materials included in material fee

Number of students 3 – 10

Introduction to Knooking- Kay A. McCoy $15 materials $15

Learn to use a crochet hook to knit! A knook is a great tool for crocheters who want to make actual knitted fabric or for those who aren’t thrilled with knitting needles. Knooking can also be a valuable tool in your toolkit whether you knit or crochet. The class will focus on learning basic knit and purl stitches and cables. Students will work on a pair of mitts in bulky weight yarn using the techniques we learn in class. Knook and yarn will be provided, bring scissors. You will need to know how to make a slip knot

Number of students 1 – 10

Bobbin Lace Making- Ronna Robertson $0 materials $3

Introduction to hands on weaving techniques as lace was woven before machines were invented. Basic bobbin movements in which both the warp and weft threads are wound on wood bobbins and manipulated to create lace.

TV tray, pillows, pin cushions and bobbins will be available for use in class. You may bring your own if you have them.

Bring sharp scissors

Prerequisite for class- able to count to 4 and recognize right and left.

Number of students 2 – 10

Beginning Wool Applique-Marcie Harvey $20 materials $25

Students will learn basic wool applique methods including selection of pattern, construction and stitches while creating a lovely Christmas ornament.

Please bring pointed scissors (no longer than 4”). All other supplies will be provided.

Number of students 7 - 12

Spinning Fine Yarn Sharon Barnes $25 materials $10

Learn and practice techniques for spinning a fine, consistent yarn, including drafting from the fold and chain ply. These skills apply to making laceweight and sock yarns, the need for each diverges at that point! Find out what structures are generally considered best for knitted openwork lace and for long wearing socks. We will discuss fibers and fiber qualities for those issues.

Bring a spinning wheel in good working condition with 3,preferably 4, bobbins, and a lazy kate- DIY is fine

Spindle spinners bring 3 medium to light weight or supported spindles and a spindle kate.

Fiber will be provided by instructor.

Number of students 2 – 6

The Art of Unruly Embroidery M. Emilia Barbosa $20 materials $35

Students will engage In a creative art-making process through slow stitching , a practice leading to great satisfaction, with proven meditative and relaxing effects ,and often used in expressive arts therapy. The instructor will guide students in a unique artistic exercise using the non-dominant hand for pattern creation and through a potentially transformative slow stitching experience. A handy-well supplied Thread Bar will be open for everyone taking the class, allowing students to experiment with different textures and thicknesses, beads, small embellishments, etc.

All materials provided by instructor

Number of students 5 – 20

Idiosyncratic Tapestry Weaving Carla Tilghman $20 materials $10

In this class we will use small flat, notched wooden looms, learn to warp them, and then weave with a variety of materials. Exploration is encouraged, and idiosyncratic tapestry is encouraged. This technique is useful for small works and is used by many artists as a form of visual diary.

Bring notebook and pen for notes, paper for creating designs, scissors, yarns , raffia, twigs, fabric tape, string, a variety of materials to weave.

Number of students 5 – 10

Translucent Tapestries Using Supplimental Warps Bea Bonanno $30 materials $0

In class we will discuss alternate processe sand structures in tapestry weaving. By using supplemental weft and tapestry techiques, participants will learn to crate tapestries with forms and textures that are laid in freely thoughtout the fabric

Please bring- a warped loom with shedding device(rigid heddle or other small looms are ideal, frame looms will work but are slower to work on)

Loom warped with 8/4 cotton sett at 12 epi, 8” wide minimum

Number of students 3 – 8

2nd + 3rd session - 3 hrs 30 min - 10:00-12:00 and 2:30-4:00

Tea Time – Beginner Basket- Jan Eitel $20 Materials $10

Weave a little tea basket. You will have your choice of color and we will finish with a standard rim. You can put your tea bags on the counter or use this little basket in the bathroom or dresser.

Students should bring craft scissors, tape measure, pencil, small flat screwdriver a towel, about 10 clothes pins. I have some pins to share so don’t buy any if you don’t already have some.

Number of students 8 – 10

3rd session - 1 hr 30 min - 2:30-4:00

Painting with Fiber- Kay A. McCoy $16 materials $16

Instead of a paintbrush and paints, we will use a felting needle, fibers and a variety of techniques to create fun and unique works of art. Our canvas for this class will be felt, but we will discuss other options such as denim, velvet and even paper. You do not need to be and artist to enjoy this class, just a fiber lover with an adventurous spirit!

Bring a sharp scissor,

2 felting needles felting fiber, foam rubber pad, felt, band aids, and handouts will be provided.

Number of students 1 – 15

Chain plying/ Navajo Plying- Carol Leffler $15 materials $0

Participants will learn to make 3-ply yarn from a single strand and will learn to ply keeping color ways separate. You must be able to spin a single and have a basic knowledge of plying. Bring your own spinning wheel.

Number of students 4 – 8

Using Your Handspun- Samantha Stopple $10 materials $0

Bring a spinning wheel in good working order.

Have you been spinning for a long time and unsure how to use your handspun yarn? Do you need some tips on how to use a pattern or determine if you have enough yarn? Then this is the class for you. We’ll go over measurements you can take, other tools you can use, and resources that help you decide what you can make with your yarn fo knitting, crochet and weaving.

Bring paper and pen for note taking, yarn you would like advice on using, calculator or phone, yarn balance (if you have one), be willing to do math.

Number of students 4 - 12

Transform a Jean Jacket into a Dream Jacket- Using Embellishment Techniques – Chelle Cohen $20 materials $5

Do you have a plain old jean jacket or denim vest that’s been sitting in your closet that you’d like to add your own hand-knitted or crochet touches too? Or perhaps you’d like to wear your creativity on your sleeve? We will explore how to add some embellishments (knitting, crochet, embroidery) to jazz up that jacket and make it uniquely your own! Inserting and sewing in sleeves will be demonstrated. We will also look at any jacket you bring and offer suggestions and techniques to embellish it with your favorite skills.

Number of students 3 – 8

Sewing Metal Malissa Long $35 materials $0

Take your sewing in a new direction by learning techniques to embellish fiber with metal. In this class you will make a 6 x 6” size work of art by creating a fiber and metal circle. Backing media, multifuse , some muslin or limited color cotton fabric and metal provided.

Bring sewing machine, size 14 denim needle, a bobbin or black or white thread, a selection of thread for decorative stitching, and protective eye wear. Optional—bring your own scraps to play with.

Number of students 3 – 10

Color Blending with Yarn- Liz Bonny $20 materials $5

In this class we will explore color blending- combining different colored yarns to make color gradations. This is a common technique used in tapestry weaving, but the concept can be used in all fiber techniques. We will be wrapping yarn around cards to be used as future references, Material fee includes wool yarns and cards for yarn wrapping

Number of students 3- 10